Welcome to Organigrow Fertilisers

We are an industry leading producer and international exporter of revolutionary organic fertilisers. Our certified organic products supply all crop nutrients including nitrogen, sulphur, phosphate, potassium and a full range of micronutrients.

Grow faster, stronger and more ethically

Organigrow soil conditioner has been specifically designed for easy application and drives the connection between fertiliser, soil and pasture in a very powerful symbolic relationship

Organigrow Hi-Carbon Conditioners and Fertilisers are the world's best

Organigrow Hi-Carbon products provide sustained plant growth; continued soil improvement, with better animal health and horticultural yields. The longer you use them, the better and healthier the soil becomes over time.

There are very few Soil Conditioners and Fertilisers that provide continued, perpetual benefit to the land that they are applied to, long after application.

After prolonged use, the result is a rich, fertile and drought resistant soil - just like Mollisol type soils...

Certified Organic

NASAA Certified Organic

Certification No. 30019M

Southern Cross Certified

Certificate Number 19064

Benefits of our natural fertilizers for organic growing

  • Nutrient rich and alive with healthy microorganisms that help keep soil thriving and healthy
  • Environmentally friendly – No harmful chemicals or salts
  • High concentrations of nitrogen, calcium, phosphate, and many trace minerals
  • Helps aid plants in disease and insect protection
  • Increased water retention
  • Approved for organic growing

Produced in Australia. Shipped Worldwide.