Organigrow Hi-Carb 3-1-1

Product Showcase

Pot Plants

Household plant planted in standard commercially available potting mix.

This plant was looked after, but not doing very well.

The plant was then re-potted with Organigrow Soil Conditioner, and Organigrow 3-1-1 added on top.

The plant quickly improved, as the root system was able to absorb nutrients from the soil conditioner and fertilizer.


These two small shrubs were planted at the same time - the tree on the left side was treated with Organigrow Conditioner, the other with regular off the shelf fertiliser.

Radish Seeds

Radish seeds planted in standard commercially available potting mix. One treated with Organigrow soil conditioner and one with the potting mix on its own. Both planted at the same time.

Treated mix on the left, standard potting mix on the right. The same potting mix was used as a base for both. The growth rate of the treated radishes is easily seen.

The radishes were then removed to expose the root system, to inspect the root condition, and health of the plant.

Treated potting mix on the left, and standard on the right. The root structure is denser on the treated plant. This dense root area is called the rhizome. Beneficial Bacteria forms around the roots and assist the roots to spread and digest nutrients and minerals. Also protects from lack of water. Standard plant on the right has a long root structure - searching for nutrients and water.