About Organigrow Fertilisers

The Anthony Group has an extensive history of cultivating land and farming, spanning decades - involving extensive dairy farming, beef grazing and crop rotation. During this time the Anthony group gained a unique insight into the benefits - and pitfalls - of long term and sustained use of many different types of fertilisers.

This high level experience led the team to the investigation of the long term effects of fertiliser use, and its effects on the land/soil, stock health and wellbeing, (also fertility) as well as the health of the people who are consuming products grown on those properties.

In 2015, the group reviewed its operations and decided to explore organic fertilisers and quickly realised that there wasn't a lot of choice (particularly cost effective ones) for those wishing to improve their farming practice and produce quality. Additionally, many farmers who currently use heavy amounts of urea and chemical nutrients find the transition to organic fertiliser difficult, as their intensive style of farming and heavy stock rotations require fast results from application.

Based on their own experiences, and the need to meet the expectations of the conservative farming community, the group set about developing fertiliser products that were suitable for both the organic farmer and traditional farmer alike. This approach enables a traditional farmer to get many benefits from far superior fertiliser regimes and use those products to enhance their current program.

Our High Carbon Fertilisers are designed to be a straight out replacement for traditional fertilisers, but can also be used as a transitional product (from chemical to organic) or used as long term soil improvement with better water retention and slower, sustained release of any existing NPK fertiliser applied afterwards.